Sunday, September 5, 2010

can i write poems on this thing?? ill write a poem

the stars are out,
the weather nice and cool,
my mind is wandering,
avoidng the thought of school,
i don't wanna go,
cuz im scared to see you,
in that prison of bodies i like to call school

(just wrote and its turrible!!!)

first blog.

so ive noticed people blog alot lately so i wanted to join but noone wants to know what i say so its pointless =0 haha. idk what i should say so ill ramble =] my phones being blown up from fb comments. im drinking orange soda =] im thinking =] and im using alot of emocons like =] =P so im excited for wrestling!!! and after that track. but im really ready for bootcamp! i leave the 18th of july.

senior year should be ummm fun! im not sure how it will be though ith everything. like dances im not sure if i wanna go to prom or homecoming, i went last year it turned out =/ i dont wanna go alone if i do go. yup first blog = fail